This webinar moderated by Dr. Jorge Chahla is a faculty discussion with internationally renowned experts Drs. Robert LaPrade, Lars Engebretsen and Tim Spalding about complex knee cases involving multilligament injuries, complex meniscus problems and revision cases.

Cases include:

  • CASE 1:  Female ex-soccer player who played for a major city team, failed 2nd revision ACL surgery with recurrent giving way and medial pain. Right knee has varus alignment, ACL deficiency and lateral thrust.  Successful ACL reconstruction on left used hamstring.
  • CASE 2:  17 year old male trampoline accident in 2009 with unsuccessful treatment for right knee anterior knee dislocation and unrecognized proximal tibia fracture.  Now unable to participate in higher level activities.
  • CASE 3:  20 year old male trampoline injury with ACL, PCL, PLC, peroneal nerve injury, vascular injury, and tibial fracture.
  • CASE 4:  Accomplished team handball player for Norway suffered knee injury 9 months prior to Olympics, ACL injury with valgus internal rotation, lateral meniscus vertical tear, and lateral femoral condyle cartilage tear.

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