Knee Dissection Overview

Dr. Robert LaPrade performed a live knee dissection Friday 12/16/16 at 12 PM (MST) on Facebook. The dissection reviewed the superficial bony and soft tissue landmarks of the knee, as well as the deep anatomy of the medial and lateral aspects of the knee. (Click here to watch on Facebook or scroll down to watch below.)

Dr. LaPrade is recognized internationally as one of the top knee surgeons in the world. Often referred to as a “Doctor’s doctor” he has specialized skills and expertise in diagnosing and treating complicated knee injuries and previously failed surgeries. He has treated athletes at all levels, including Olympic, professional (football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, lacrosse, etc.), semi-professional and intercollegiate athletes and has returned many athletes back to full participation both after treating either their new injuries or previous failed knee surgeries. Dr. LaPrade has special expertise in treating posterolateral knee injuries, PCL tears, knee dislocations, revision ACL reconstructions, meniscal transplants, MCL injuries, knee osteotomies, fresh osteoarticular allografts, articular cartilage resurfacing procedures, complex patellofemoral instability, and other difficult combined and revision injuries.

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