Anatomic Double Bundle PCL Reconstruction Overview

Robert LaPrade, MD, PhD performed a live anatomic double bundle PCL reconstruction on Facebook Live Friday, July 14 at 1 PM MDT.  (Click here to watch on Facebook or scroll down to watch below.)

The posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) is the strongest ligament of the knee and thus, it is injured less often accounting for about 3-37% of all knee injuries. A PCL injury is often caused by a powerful force—in many cases from sports trauma. Common causes of this type of injury might be a bent knee hitting something very hard (for example, a dashboard in a car accident or a hockey player hitting the goalpost) or a football player falling on a knee while it is in the bent position.

Ground breaking research by many in the field, including Dr. LaPrade, has led to the development of anatomic PCL reconstruction techniques. Dr. LaPrade has found that a double bundle PCL reconstruction has been extremely effective in restoring knee stability back to the patient both objectively with PCL stress x-rays as well as subjectively based on patients independently evaluating their outcome scores. 

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