Robert LaPrade MD, PhD
Orthopedic Surgeon | Complex Knee Specialist

  • Complex Orthopedic Knee and Sports Medicine Surgeon at Twin Cities Orthopedics in Edina-Eagan, MN
  • Awarded the OREF Clinical Research Award, considered a Nobel Prize of Orthopaedics
  • Selected as one the of four best Orthopedic Knee Surgeons practicing in ambulatory surgery centers by Becker’s ASC Review
  • Published more than 525 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and 125 book chapters

Dr. Robert LaPrade Biography

Robert F. LaPrade MD, PhD is a complex orthopaedic knee and sports medicine surgeon at Twin Cities Orthopedics in Edina-Eagan, MN. He is also on the Editorial Board of the American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM) and Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy (KSSTA). Dr. LaPrade is known as one of the few specialists with extended expertise in the three main areas of medicine: expert clinical expertise, a lauded researcher, and an outstanding educator.

Dr. LaPrade is recognized internationally as one of the top knee surgeons in the world. Often referred to as a “Doctor’s doctor” he has specialized skills and expertise in diagnosing and treating complicated knee injuries and previously failed surgeries. He has treated athletes at all levels, including Olympic, professional (football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, lacrosse, etc.), semi-professional and intercollegiate athletes and has returned many athletes back to full participation both after treating either their new injuries or previous failed knee surgeries. Dr. LaPrade has special expertise in treating posterolateral knee injuries, PCL tears, knee dislocations, revision ACL reconstructions, meniscal transplants, MCL injuries, knee osteotomies, fresh osteoarticular allografts, articular cartilage resurfacing procedures, complex patellofemoral instability, and other difficult combined and revision injuries.

Dr. LaPrade is known as a super specialized clinician scientist who has utilized his vast and comprehensive research on sports medicine injuries to improve patient care and invent new ways to treat knee problems. Many of the surgeries that he has invented have been performed worldwide and are recognized as the “Gold Standard” for the treatment of many complex knee surgeries.

As one of the world’s most celebrated complex  knee  surgeons and clinician scientists, Dr. LaPrade has published more than 525 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and has over 20,000 citations and 125 book chapters, and has given over 1000 professional presentations, symposia, grand rounds, and instructional course lectures. He has received many awards for his research, including the OREF Clinical Research Award, considered a Nobel Prize of Orthopaedics and his research  team has been awarded the AOSSM Excellence in Research Award three times since 2009, The Achilles Research Award from ISAKOS two times and the Cabaud Award by the AOSSM. In addition, he is overall the most published author in the top cited orthopaedic journal, the American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM), with over 170 publications in AJSM alone. He is also the sole author of the only comprehensive textbook on posterolateral knee injuries and has been the editor for several sports medicine textbooks. He is recognized as a pioneer in knee research, with many referrals from international and nationally recognized physicians due to his successful patient outcomes and his development of more effective anatomic-based surgical techniques for the reconstruction of complex knee injuries.

In addition, Dr. LaPrade is also recognized internationally as an outstanding teacher. His His Minnesota Advanced Complex Knee International Symposium (MACKIS) is considered to be the top international complex knee course and he has hosted several hundred sports surgeons who have observed his practice in Vail to learn his clinical exam and surgical techniques. He has also been Course Chair for courses sponsored by the AAOS, AOSSM, AANA, ISAKOS and ORS, including courses on Arthroscopic Skill Development, Biologics, Complex Sports Injuries, Knee Osteotomies, and Early Sports Specialization. He has been awarded several teaching awards, including 6 resident and fellow top teaching awards.

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Robert LaPrade, MD PhD
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 26 reviews
 by Sue Stanek
So glad I waited for the best

I struggled with my knee for 18 months - having gone from 10,000 steps a day to only walking as needed. Previous attempts to make it better provided only temporary relief. (including injections and arthroscopic surgery), I heard Dr. La Prade was going to practice in the Twin Cities - where I live, & waited for him, based on his renown reputation. I am so glad I did! Dr LaPrade performed a deep root repair to my meniscus, which saved me from a knee replacement at this time. I am 5-months post surgery, and am doing great, stationary biking and exercising every day, no pain.
You know you are seeing the best when you find out he has written over 500 medical journal articles - among many other accomplishments. Hey - if he is good enough for Olympic and professional athletes…..he's good enough for me! Thank you, Dr. LaPrade, for treating me with the care, focus, and expertise as if I was an Olympic athlete!
- From your 63 year old very appreciative patent ~

 by Nancy S Stevenson
Right Knee Surgery After Auto Bicycle Accident

Dr. Robert F. LaPrade operated on my right knee in May of 2010. I was hit by a car on my bicycle near Horsetooth Reservoir in CO. I was life flighted to MCR in Loveland, CO. My orthopedic injuries were severe, but totally missesd by the orthopedic team at Poudre. I could not bear weight on my right side though I tried repeatedly, but finally I went and got an MRI and one of the orthopedic surgeons that I worked with was shocked when he saw the MRI result. My right knee was totally destroyed; ACL, MCL, PCL all severely torn; the patella was the only thing intact in my right knee. Dr. La Prade had just moved to Vail and I was his 2nd patient @ The Steadman Clinic. I was told by one of the orthopedic surgeons that I worked with that I would never run again and would be lucky if I could ever hike again. This was devastating news after being a top triathlete (3rd in the world in my age group in 1989 & 1st nationally in my age group) and a big marathon runner. All I can say is Dr. La Prade did an amazing job and I am not limited in any of my activites. I can run, bike, & climb mountains. In fact 2 years ago I finished climbing the top 100 peaks in CO.

 by Jordan
Very helpful

I have looked many times for answers on my tibial tubercle osteotomy and never found any as detailed as i needed. This answers all my questions!

 by david stedman

Dr. Laprade perfomed a open Wedged Tibial osteotomy with allegraft bone graft) (yea I know) on my Left Shin in Feb 2006> I had an excellent experience, Great Doctor, Twins Fan, he does not however like my Yankee coat which i would flaunt! I hope to able to drop off some of our super HOT salsa to him soon. I am very happy to hear he is back in the Twin cities. David Stedman

 by Mary O'Neil
Fantastic Result!

Dr LaPrade successfully repaired my fully torn ACL and torn meniscus a little over 10 years ago following a ski crash. Seeing that i was an older adult, he went with a cadaver donor ligament. I had little discomfort following the procedure and was up and about the next day. I was back skiing cautiously just 6 months post op! Oops. Doc LaPrade told me to wait 8. My bad, but it was all was good!! Ten years later I'm still skiing hard, always wearing my Donjoy brace, as well as other activities with no discomfort! I'm very grateful to Dr LaPrade for restoring my knee

 by Jill Zegarski
The Best of the Best!

I can't say enough good things about Dr. LaPrade. His dedication to excellence and his passion for creating the best outcomes for patients is evident in everything he does. I had a double-bundle PCL reconstruction using autografts in AUG '18. It's 6 months later, and I'm progressing well. My stress x-rays indicate a successful surgery, and I'm able to cycle and jog (under controlled circumstances) again. I feel like Dr. LaPrade's expertise has given me the opportunity to return to my active lifestyle with confidence in my knee and surrounding muscles. I am grateful to him, his staff, and the highly skilled PT's at Howard Head for getting me back on my feet and doing the things I love. Thank you!

 by Carolyn Carpenter
Dr. LaPrade is amazing

I've had three knee surgeries with Dr. LaPrade, two of which were highly complex reconstructive surgeries. He's amazing! Besides being one of the best knee surgeons in the country, he's really compassionate. There are jerseys hung up all over the walls from famous athletes that he's operated on, and he's the knee surgeon for the Olympic ski team, and yet he never treated me as less important than them even though I'm only fifteen and have no Olympic prospects. Also, everyone at Steadman clinic is really great, and so are all the physical therapists at Howard Head. If you have surgery with Dr. LaPrade, expect amazing care from the entire team. I'm so grateful that I was able to have my surgeries with Dr. LaPrade! He did an excellent job, and now my surgical knee is stronger and more flexible than my other one. Thank you!

 by Cameron Arthur
BEST Surgeon/Team!

Dr LaPrade, Vail Hospital, Howard Head physical therapy and the ENTIRE team are the BEST!!! After 6 failed knee surgeries in Tulsa that left me with almost no knee motion or hope for any in the future, I found a HERO and miracle working Surgeon who literally performed my LAST surgery that gave me my knee motion and life back as I have nearly PERFECT motion now! He’s one of the most caring, kind, compassionate, and skillful complex knee surgeons you will ever find with an equally skilled and caring team from check in to surgery and follow up!! Thank GOD for all of you!!! Cameron Arthur, Chief of Police, Jenks, Oklahoma

 by Ian Poland
Laprade is perfect for highly skilled procedures

Laprade is perfect for highly skilled procedures with highly variant outcomes like ACL revisions and complex repairs. I came to him with a chronically deformed and swollen knee from 20+ years of ACL deficiency. He was the only surgeon who would touch it, and he's given me back the ability to run with my kids and walk without pain. My knee will never be right, but it's much better because of him.
Google Review

 by Dan Durda
I have my knee and my life back!

After a bad fall that resulted in a completely torn ACL and much other damage in my right knee I requested a consultation with Dr. LaPrade. I was very reassured by his confident assessment that he could repair my knee. By just a little over three months after surgery I had regained all of my pre-injury range of motion. Now, I'm a year and two months post surgery and my knee feels fantastic - I'm hiking all my favorite mountain trails and am traveling the world without limitation. I am SO grateful to have my knee and my life back!

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