Our Orthopedic Second Opinion Service – MRI/X-ray Review

It is very common for patients suffering from  knee injuries who want to make sure they are making the best decision to maintain their active lifestyles to get second opinions from other physicians. Patients seeking an orthopedic second opinion can send medical records along with initial MRI and radiology results for Dr. LaPrade’s review.

Whether you live in the Twin Cities area or across the globe, you have access to the experience and expertise of one of the top complex knee surgeons in the world. Dr. LaPrade is respected globally as a specialized clinician scientist, and many of the surgeries that he has developed are now recognized as the “gold standard” for the treatment of complex knee injuries.  As a result of his prolific research and reputation, patients from around the world look to him for a second opinion and review of their medical records, MRIs and/or X-rays to determine the best treatment options for their knee injuries.

Why do patients seek a Medical Second Opinion or MRI/X-ray Review?

Individuals affected by an orthopedic knee injury often feel confused by the initial diagnosis and prescribed treatment. With a healthcare system that continues to become more complicated, as well as various treatment options ranging from non-surgical to surgical, patients often question their diagnosis and treatment plan. Dr. LaPrade may validate the existing diagnosis and treatment plan or may offer alternate approaches for treating the injury. In addition, Dr. LaPrade can provide information regarding expected outcomes, potential complications and recovery time.

What Can Our Medical Second Opinion Service Provide to Patients?

The orthopedic second opinion that Dr. LaPrade provides from reviewing your case history, MRIs and/or X-rays can help you:

  • Gain more knowledge about your orthopedic diagnosis and treatment options
  • Make more-informed decisions about your health care
  • Compare diagnosis and treatment results between two physicians
  • Confirm the diagnosis and treatment plan are correct

Most sports medicine physicians welcome an orthopedic second opinion from a respected peer. A good physician understands a patient’s right to be well informed. Some physicians will even encourage patients to contact a medical second opinion service because a different doctor may determine a different diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

How to Get an MRI/X-ray Review from Dr. LaPrade

You may feel concerned about offending your treating physician by obtaining Dr. LaPrade’s medical opinion utilizing our second opinion service, but you should feel comfortable. Be honest with your original physician, and he or she should not be offended because information is vital to all patients when it comes to healthcare.

To initiate an orthopedic second opinion from Dr. LaPrade, you will need to gather a copy of your medical records, MRIs and radiology results to give him a better understanding of the details of your orthopedic injury and then follow the instructions your will receive after submitting the below form for an MRI/Xray Review.

How Much Does an MRI/X-ray Review Cost?

It is always recommended that you contact your insurance company directly for a full explanation on the cost involved with a second opinion. With the ever-changing healthcare and insurance industries, it is important that you understand all costs involved, including physician office visit, new MRI and radiology tests, etc.  Dr. LaPrade’s fee for an MRI/X-ray Review is $300 payable by credit card.

Submit Your Clinical Case and MRI Review

Dr. Robert LaPrade welcomes your Clinical Case and MRI Review for a fee of $300. This fee is not billed to insurance nor applicable toward future services. Once your completed packet has been received, Dr. LaPrade will review it and have one of his team members contact you with his findings. Please keep in mind that Dr. LaPrade cannot offer a full recommendation on imaging alone, he will need to complete a physical examination to finalize treatment recommendations.

Please follow the instructions below to submit your review:

STEP 1 – Submit your $300 secure credit card payment by clicking on this link www.drlaprade.com/pay and then enter the following information in the iHealth form to reach the payment screen:

  • Email Address
  • Quickpay Code: 4567000
  • Last Name
  • Zip Code (International patients please use zip code 55435 & phone number 952-456-7000 for required entries, if needed)
  • Click “Next” and provide First Name, click “Next”
  • Click on the “Continue as Guest” link at the bottom of the page to reach the payment screen without setting up a user profile.

STEP 2 – Include in your packet:

  • Completed Case Review/Patient History forms (DOWNLOAD NOW)
  • Imaging on CD (MRI, CT, X-rays) completed within the last 4 months (electronic transfer/mail is not permitted due to size of imaging and variable software)
  • Operative, MRI, & CT reports
  • Self-addressed envelope with proper postage to return imaging if needed

STEP 3 – Mail packet to :

Twin Cities Orthopedics
4010 W. 65th St.
Edina, MN 55435
Attn: Amanda Peña

Please direct any questions regarding this process to Amanda Peña at 612-615-2240.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you!

Dr. LaPrade and Team

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