Articular cartilage is the tough fibrous tissue that lines and covers the ends of the bones of the joints.  This cartilage is responsible for providing the smooth, flexible, and pain-free movement of the knee joint. When an individual suffers an injury to the knee, or experiences trauma, the articular knee cartilage can become damaged.

Over time, articular cartilage can wear down through natural aging and degenerative processes.  An articular cartilage injury can range from softening of the cartilage, to cracks and/or breaks of the tissue, and can even result in bare bone when the cartilage is completely worn away.  Osteoarthritis in the knee is perhaps the most painful articular cartilage injury because it is a progressive condition that continues to wear away the cartilage leading to exposed bone. Dr. LaPrade is an expert in treating articular cartilage knee injuries.

The conditions he specializes in are detailed below: 

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