Sports medicine knee specialist Robert LaPrade, MD, PhD has published a new video series to educate non-orthopedic physicians, medical students and patients on How to Read an MRI of the Knee. When an injury is present, clinicians use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to help diagnose ligament injuries, meniscal tears, cartilage problems, stress fractures and bone bruises. In this video series, Dr. LaPrade looks at individual MRIs of the knee to address anatomic structures and visual indicators of common knee injuries for professionals and patients to gain a better understanding of film reviews.

A MRI can be viewed from three different perspectives: coronal (front to back), sagittal (side to side) and axial (top to bottom). Each view highlights certain aspects of an injury. As imaging moves deeper into the knee, structures become more defined, which helps clinicians get a better understanding of the injury pathology. It is important to utilize all three perspectives to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Complete Article: Sports Medicine Knee Specialist Robert LaPrade, MD, PhD of Vail, Colorado Launches a New Educational Video Series on How to Read an MRI of the Knee


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