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Drs. Robert LaPrade, Jorge Chahla and Chase Dean at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute have published “Complex Knee Surgery Made Easy”, the first free educational interactive digital book of its kind in sports medicine. This comprehensive book was designed to be a resource for physicians, physician assistants, athletic trainers, physical therapists and patients who are interested in having a better understanding of surgical knee procedures. Now available for free on iTunes (iBook Store), the book details how to perform knee surgery through the use of quality multimedia images, videos and interactive links. The instructions take the reader through:

  • Knee anatomy structures
  • Diagnostic tips for knee conditions
  • Demonstrations of surgical techniques for specific knee injuries
  • Postoperative instructions and rehabilitation protocols

This book is visually designed to review the most common sports medicine pathologies in the knee. The chapters are loaded with pictures and videos that maximize comprehension. The book is formatted in bullet point style to facilitate the reader’s experience. It can also serve as a quick review for a surgical procedure where the main tips are highlighted to achieve successful outcomes.

Dr. LaPrade said, “This work was comprised to benefit surgeons and their patients by providing a comprehensive overview of complex knee injuries. I frequently receive consultations from colleagues, almost daily, and through this work we have attempted to provide answers to many of the common questions that I am asked. It is a pleasure to be able to provide this work to the medical community.”

Complete Release: Robert LaPrade, MD, PhD and Team Publish First Educational Interactive Digital Book in Sports Medicine: “Complex Knee Surgery Made Easy”

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