In an article by Discovery News, Dr. LaPrade comments on the effects of fat skis on the knees. The fat ski phenomena started a few years ago when ski companies designed a wider platform to help skiers stay above soft snow and deep powder. In the Rocky Mountains, Dr. LaPrade has seen more torn knee ligament injuries as a result of fat skis. He says, “more than 75 percent of people have them [fat skis].”

“On powder days, we don’t see any injuries,” said Dr. LaPrade. “It’s usually four or five days without snow when it gets icier. I don’t see people changing over [to skinnier skis]. Most people are skiing with powder type skies. Once the snow gets packed down, then we see torn ACLs. [anterior cruciate ligament].” Using the proper skis for the terrain and keeping yourself physically fit are some ways to lower your risk of injury.

Complete article: Fat Skis May Hurt Knees

NOTICE: Effective June 1, 2019, Dr. LaPrade will be practicing at Twin Cities Orthopedics in both the Edina and Eagan Minnesota Clinics and Surgery Centers

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