On Friday, Oct. 20, at 9 AM aspiring doctors, practicing surgeons and those (with a strong stomach) interested in the procedure can stream a Facebook Live video to watch renowned Steadman Clinic knee surgeon Dr. Robert LaPrade perform an ACL reconstruction on a cadaver knee. To watch the event live visit, Facebook Live Anatomic ACL Reconstruction.

So why Facebook, of all venues?

“Because I believe it is very important to try to teach as many people as possible the things that we have discovered in our lab,” LaPrade said. “The Facebook series allows us to exponentially increase the coverage to a very large international community.

“The importance of the Facebook series that we have performed is that we are able to reach a much larger audience than we can solely by teaching sports medicine fellows and visiting surgeons in Vail. We are recognized as having the top sports medicine fellowship in the country.”

Full Article: Steadman Clinic knee surgeon Dr. Robert LaPrade uses Facebook Live to demonstrate orthopedic procedures to a global audience

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