Drs. Huard, Provencher and LaPrade, as well as Luke O’Brien PT, were in Sao Paolo, Brazil at a course celebrating the 20th year anniversary of CETE (Do Centro de Traumatologia do Esporte (Portuguese)) set up by Dr. Moises Cohen. Dr. Cohen is considered the top South American sports medicine surgeon and was the President of the International Sports Medicine Society (ISAKOS) in 2009-2011. Dr. Cohen and the Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) have a history of collaboration through the past several years.  The course featured SPRI and Brazilian sports medicine physicians and physical therapists.

The conference was a big success with over 600 participants. As a part of this course, Dr. Cohen wished to honor our relationship and our team’s international accomplishments and named the teaching auditorium at his Center after Dr. LaPrade, his Research lab after Dr. Huard and his Arthroscopy Teaching Lab after Dr. Provencher.

Dr. LaPrade said, “We were all very surprised by this honor and grateful to Dr. Cohen.  We all plan to continue to work further with him and to expand our relationship going forward.  As a first step, he is going to send his best fellow to work as a graduate student in clinically related biologics research for a year with Drs. Huard and LaPrade starting this Fall.”

Steadman Philippon Research Institute Team with Dr. Moises

SPRI Team with Dr. Cohen

Dr. LaPrade with Dr. Moises

Dr. LaPrade with Dr. Cohen

Dr. Matthew Provencher with Dr. Moises

Dr. Provencher with Dr. Cohen

Dr. Huard with Dr. Moises

Dr. Huard with Dr. Cohen

Luke and Dr. LaPrade with Dr. Moises Team

Dr. LaPrade and Luke O’Brien with Dr. Cohen’s team

Dr. LaPrade at 20th Year Anniversary of CETE

Dr. LaPrade and Luke O’Brien with Dr. Cohen

Dr. LaPrade Celebrate the 20th Year Anniversary of CETE in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Dr. LaPrade with Dr. Cohen

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