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How Dan Durda’s Knee Injury Did Not Stop Him From Exploring

As a planetary scientist, Dan Durda has always had a fascination with the natural wonders of planet Earth. Dan has traveled all around the world exploring and learning about the planet we call home. Through these adventures, Dan has never been physically restricted until an unexpected fall on April 16, 2016.

Dan’s fieldwork at Meteor Crater […]

How Courage and Persistence Saved a Young Mom’s Knee

After heartbreaking failed treatments, Bridget Holt never gave up on finding a knee replacement alternative and finally found a way to return to her active lifestyle.

“I would tell other patients suffering a serious knee injury ‘Don’t give up,’” said patient Bridget Holt. For 20 years Bridget did not give up on finding a treatment for […]

Nayla Tawa’s Recovery From a Life Changing Knee Injury

During a filming trip to Kyrgyzstan, Nayla Tawa experienced a life changing accident that ultimately lead her to complex knee specialist Dr. LaPrade. Nayla’s accident resulted in a PCL tear, superficial MCL tear and deep MCL tear. She was told she would likely never snowboard again. After a double-bundle PCL reconstruction, superficial MCL reconstruction, deep MCL […]

Matt Peters Overcomes a Complex Knee Injury

Not Just Your Average Teenager

mathMatt Peters was a typical teenager — before a complex knee injury took him away from the typical activities a vibrant 15-year old partakes in. Prior to meeting Dr. LaPrade and going through countless doctor’s visits and surgeries, Matt could easily […]

A Changing Perspective

NeilKnowing when to throw the towel in can be a hard reality for any sports enthusiast. But for the athlete who lives and breathes their sport of choice, it can be even more excruciating.  It wasn’t until he was being wheeled in to the Vail Health […]

Anne Furgal’s ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Anne-FurgalThe words “traumatic” and “positive” generally are not associated within the same sentence.  That is, unless the one speaking is Anne Furgal.

After suffering from a massive knee injury in 2010, Anne underwent surgery at the hands of Dr. Robert LaPrade, orthopedic complex knee surgeon with The […]