Preoperative Planning

  • Preoperative clearance from your primary care provider is required for all surgical patients. Medical Clearance and documentation must be obtained within 30 days of your surgery. Please see below under “Preoperative Clearance by Primary Care Provider” for more detail.
  • Generally, Dr. LaPrade recommends staying in the Twin Cities for 5 to 10 days after surgery. This varies depending upon the procedure(s) you undergo. This allows time for our team to monitor your progress, modify medications, and answer all questions. In addition, you will be scheduled for physical therapy daily at Twin Cities Orthopedics Physical Therapy and/orTraining Haus.
  • You are required to arrange a ride home to your accommodations the same day of surgery
  • Discontinue eating and/or drinking after midnight the night before your surgery. This includes no water, coffee, mints or gum. You may brush your teeth on the morning of surgery.
  • Please discontinue any medications prior to your surgery, unless otherwise indicated by your primary care physician.
  • Please avoid all anti-inflammatory NSAIDs (ex. Ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.) and aspirin 7 days prior to your surgery to reduce chance of excessive bleeding that can occur on these medications. Tylenol can be taken.
  • If you are a smoker, it is highly encouraged to discontinue any tobacco use 6 weeks minimum prior to surgery. Smoking not only increases your risk of infection, but also delays bone growth and soft tissue healing.

Preoperative Visit

A completed Preoperative History & Physical form is required prior to undergoing surgery along with the Patient Acknowledgment In-Network Benefit Verification form.  Please download and work with your primary care physician to have these forms completed prior to surgery. If the forms are not received prior to 48 hours from your scheduled surgery, your surgery will be cancelled for a future date. Completed forms must be faxed to the surgery center directly ( fax number at the top of each form).

Do I need to quit smoking prior to surgery?

We encourage all tobacco users to quit 6 weeks prior to surgery. Tobacco use not only increases your risk for infection, but also delays bone growth and soft tissue healing.  It is also highly important to remain tobacco-free for a minimum of 6 months after surgery to increase your chances of success post operatively.

How do I obtain braces, crutches, and other durable medical equipment (DME)?

Twin Cities Orthopedics has a DME department available M-F from 8-5.

Details regarding the duration you are to wear your brace will be discussed at your initial physical therapy visit the morning after your surgery. Any required postoperative braces or crutches will be fitted and provided any time prior to surgery. If you have any issues with your equipment, the DME department will help you with any adjustments you may need.

How soon do I start physical therapy?

All surgical patients will attend a 7:00am Physical Therapy (PT) and post-operative rounding visit the day after surgery at the Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) Eagan-Viking Lakes location (PT clinic – 1st/ground floor). During this visit, the PT team will initiate post-operative physical therapy care and educate the patient and caregiver on the post-operative protocol and early precautions. Patients will also meet with the physician team to change surgical dressings and inspect the incisions, learn about the details of the surgical procedure, and discuss any questions or concerns.

After this time, your physical therapist will schedule you with 3-5 sessions per week with specific exercises for you to perform daily at home. Your physical therapy protocol will detail what specific activities you can perform at different time frames during your rehab. Follow these instructions carefully and DO NOT ADVANCE or let your Physical Therapist advance your protocol beyond the normal time frames unless directed so by Dr. LaPrade.

Surgical patients from out of town will attend PT visits 1 time/day throughout the duration of their stay, including Saturdays as needed. There is no PT on Sundays. Patients are welcome to stay in the Twin Cities for early post-operative care up to 2 weeks following the surgery (longer if indicated by MD). The ongoing frequency and duration of physical therapy care following surgery will vary per the details of the surgical procedure(s). Our therapy team will communicate with our patients’ local PT clinics for ongoing care recommendations upon return home. It is important to follow the specific guidelines and restrictions set out by Dr. LaPrade to maximize your post-surgical recovery.

Instructions for Physical Therapy (PT) scheduling after your knee surgery with Dr. LaPrade

How do I get FMLA/ Short-Term Disability paperwork completed?

If you need FMLA (Family & Medical Leave Act) or Short-Term Disability paperwork completed, the two forms (with links on the PreOperative webpage) should be completed and brought in with any required forms to your preoperative visit. Paperwork is completed after your surgery by Chris Armstrong, PA-C

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