Medial meniscal root tears are often disabling injuries that can occur in isolation during low-velocity, deep
knee flexion maneuvers in middle-aged patients. The most common meniscal root tear pattern is a radial tear near the
root attachment (type II). Root tears are often associated with meniscal extrusion, identified on magnetic resonance
imaging. Relocation of the meniscal root to its anatomic center is a reported current difficulty faced by surgeons during
surgical repair. However, this can be achieved via sufficient peripheral release of the posteromedial capsular attachment of
the medial meniscus. The purpose of this Technical Note is to describe the authors’ current surgical technique for medial
meniscus root repair with a peripheral release for addressing meniscal extrusion. Classifications: level I (knee); level II

Full Article: Type-II-Medial-Meniscus-Root-Repair-Peripheral-Release-Meniscal-Extrusion

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