2017 AJSM

Tibial plateau fractures account for approximately 1% of all fractures; however, these fractures can pose a surgical challenge when occurring concomitantly with ligament injuries. Delamarter first described the patterns of ligament injuries associated with tibial plateau fractures, reporting that lateral tibial plateau fractures most commonly occurred with medial collateral ligament (MCL) tears. Similarly, Bennett and Browner reported that Schatzker type II and IV fractures were most commonly associated with soft tissue injuries and that Schatzker type II fractures were associated with MCL tears, while Schatzker type IV fractures were most commonly associated with meniscal injuries. In the setting of intra-articular soft tissue injures, tibial plateau fractures can compromise soft tissue reconstruction by altering joint geometry and by preventing anatomic tunnel placement.

Full Article: Do Tibial Plateau Fractures Worsen Outcomes of Knee Ligament Injuries?

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