Ten orthopedic surgeons discuss the technology trends most intriguing for 2019 and beyond.

Robert LaPrade, MD. Orthopedic Surgeon (Colorado): I am most excited about technology that will allow us to perform surgeries more efficiently and anatomically. These technologies will ultimately lead to better patient outcomes and more reproducible results among all surgeons. Currently, one of the big dilemmas in my field of complex knee surgery is that many of the procedures that we perform require experience to be able to accomplish the surgeries efficiently, anatomically and successfully. Thus, the development of virtual reality programs to allow aspiring and practicing surgeons to ‘practice’ complex surgeries should enable surgeons to significantly cut down on their learning curves and lead to more efficient and successful surgeries. In addition, the encroachment of the field of robotics into the field of sports medicine may also allow for these surgeries to be more reproducible and successful.

Full Article: The most exciting technology in orthopedics from 10 surgeons

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