The Steadman Philippon Research Institute located in Vail, Colorado is a renowned leader in the world of orthopedic medicine. They are recognized globally for their research into the causes and treatments of orthopedic diseases and conditions. They recently released the 2010 Steadman Philippon Research Institute Annual Report. This publication summarizes all of the activities, projects, and programs that occurred in 2010.

A few of the highlights are mentioned below:

· The Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) completed construction of its highly anticipated multi-million-dollar, state-of-the-art Biomechanics and Surgical Skills orthopedic research facilities. The principal goal for these unique orthopedic research facilities is to understand how injuries occur and what the demands on joints are for specific sports or motions. Read about this exceptional facility inside the report.

· Ephraim Gildor is a leader in the world of finance and philanthropy who supports the sciences, arts and education. The Gildor Foundation’s $1,000,000 grant opens new areas of sports medicine and orthopedic research at SPRI. To read more about this generous donation, take a look inside the report.

· The Institute thrives and remains a global leader in orthopedic research because of passionate supporters worldwide. The Institute has taken multiple pages within the report to highlight all of the generous and exceptional supporters. Everyone at The Institute and The Steadman Clinic applauds and thanks all of our 2010 supporters.

· The Annual Report takes a look at the amazing research that has been conducted at The Institute. Highlights include a look at new joint restoration techniques for arthritis, advances in meniscus repairs and the new Microfracture technique for the knee.

· From Biomechanics to Imaging Research, The Institute made enormous strides in uncovering new techniques and procedures in the areas of the knee, shoulder, hip and ankle. All of this is highlighted inside the report.

These briefings represent just a very small glimpse of what took place in 2010 in Vail, Colorado at The Institute and its orthopedic research facilities. Download the full 2010 Steadman Philippon Annual Report to read all of the articles, highlights, and happenings that took place and see why SPRI remains the leading global force behind orthopedic research and advanced orthopedic medicine.

2010 SPRI Annual Report

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