Last year the The New York Times reported the emergence of anterolateral ligament (ALL) surgery to supplement operations on anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears noting that a “Florida company quickly began marketing a repair procedure those researchers helped develop. And soon, patients were asking about the knee surgery, and doctors were performing it.”

The medical community debated the surgery’s necessity and even the ALL’s mere existence, The New York Times pointed out.

Now, a long-time knee surgeon is weighing in and he agrees that ALL procedures are not necessary — not even for the athletes who spend hours every week straining knees.

In addition to co-publishing new research, Frank Noyes, MD, wrote an editorial in Arthroscopy in December and spoke with the Cincinnati Business Courier recently, pushing a notion that would surely please Choosing Wisely organizers: “We don’t think a second operative procedure is warranted clinically,” said Noyes, a surgeon with Mercy Health who directs the Noyes Knee Institute in Cincinnati.

Full Article: Not ALL-In on ACL Surgeries

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