Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) stimulates hypertrophy, increasing the size of muscle cells by reproducing the same kind of environment that’s naturally present when you participate in a high-intensity workout.  “The muscle cells can be tricked into believing that they need to hypertrophy due to the extra environmental stress created by the BFR,” says  Dr. Robert LaPrade, one of the country’s top knee surgeons, who practices at Twin Cities Orthopedics.  LaPrade, who has used BFR therapy in his clinics since 2017, argues that more research is still necessary to learn how to maximize the therapy’s outcomes and to pinpoint which patients will benefit most. His team is currently conducting a study comparing regular and fake BFR regimens in post-ACL-reconstruction patients. “If we can obtain good and precise science to determine objectively when BFR may be useful,” he says, “this may lead to the opportunity to utilize it more widely.”

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