Robert F LaPrade, Tim Spalding, Iain R Murray, Jorge Chahla, Marc R Safran, Christopher M Larson, Scott C Faucett, Richard von Bormann, Robert H Brophy,
Rodrigo Maestu, Aaron J Krych, Ponky Firer, Lars Engebretsen


Like many areas of medicine, the role of arthroscopy is evolving and its use must be guided by critical analysis of the scientific evidence. Data evaluating arthroscopic knee surgery is complex with heterogenous pathology, patient populations and techniques and, therefore, must be interpreted with care. Attention-grabbing headlines and animations can stimulate discussion, but when key aspects of published science are overlooked, they risk oversimplification. We believe a number of articles published in a recent edition of the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) represent examples where science may be overshadowed by oversimplification. Thus, we offer additional insights to focus the place of arthroscopy in the management of joint problems.

You may read the full study: Knee arthroscopy-evidence for a targeted approach

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