The first North Central Smith and Nephew Fellows course was held at the new TCO bioskills lab on January 20-21, 2023. It was a great success with great interaction and excellent teaching of surgical skills and pearls from the faculty to the fellow attendees. Faculty included Drs. Larson and LaPrade from TCO, Dr. Chahla from Rush University in Chicago, Dr. Okoroha from the Mayo Clinic and Dr. Julie Dodds from Michigan State. Fellows attending included representation from TCO, the Mayo Clinic, Rush University, University of Buffalo, University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University and the Cleveland Clinic.

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Drs. Larson, Chahla, LaPrade, Okorroha, Dodds at the TCO Lab course

Dr. Larson, Dr. Chahla, Dr. LaPrade, Dr. Okorroha, Dr. Dodds, teaching at the TCO Lab course

Attendees: First Fellow Lab Course at TCO

Dr. Chala and Dr. Larson teaching at TCO

Dr. Chahla and Dr. Larson: Teaching at the first TCO lab course.

Faculty of TCO Course

Faculty of the Fellows Course at TCO: Dr. Larson, Dr. Chahla, Dr. Okoroha, Dr. LaPrade & Dr. Dodds