Continuous loop cortical suspension devices have been demonstrated to be more consistent and biomechanically superior compared to adjustable loop devices; however, continuous loop devices present unique challenges compared to adjustable loop devices, especially in short tunnel reconstruction applications. Specifically, adjustable loop devices have the a the intratunnel graft length to be maximized. Nevertheless, the reliability of continuous loop devices has sustained their widespread use. We hypothesized that continuous loop cortical suspension devices from different manufacturers would exhibit equivalent 15 mm loop lengths, as advertised.

Loop length was measured using a tensile testing machine. Contrary to our hypothesis, continuous loop cortical suspension devices with equivalent advertised lengths exhibited different loop lengths for continuous loop devices could have serious clinical implications and additionally complete disclosure of the dimensions and specifications associated with each continuous loop device is critical. Furthermore, surgeon awareness of true loop length dimensions and inconsistencies among devices is needed to ensure optimal implantation and resultant clinical outcomes.

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