Morgan D. Homan, D.O., Nicholas I. Kennedy, M.D., Christopher M. LaPrade, M.D., and Robert F. LaPrade, M.D., Ph.D.


Radial tears of the meniscus disrupt circumferential fibers that allow for the dispersion of axial tibiofemoral forces. Both nonoperative treatment and  meniscectomy carry increased risk of early-onset degeneration of the joint because of decreased contact surface area and increased point-loading of the chondral surfaces. Radial type tears are also notable for the relatively high failure rate associated with repair. The purpose of this technical note is to demonstrate our surgical technique for a radial lateral meniscus repair construct that allows for good apposition and anatomic reduction of the meniscus with less risk of residual postoperative extrusion through use of a combination inside-out rip-stop and transtibial pull-out suturing repair.

You can download the study: Combined Rip-Stop and Transtibial Pull-out Technique for Lateral Meniscus Radial Repairs