Anterolateral rotational instability may persist after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction for a variety of reasons including damage to lateral or posterolateral structures, injury to the meniscus, disruption of anterolateral soft tissue structures, or increased tibial slope. In the setting of revision or primary ACL reconstruction with persistent anterolateral laxity, despite repair or reconstruction of other injured structures or in the setting of increased tibial slope, a lateral extra-articular tenodesis procedure can be used to augment an ACL reconstruction to aid in restoring anterolateral rotational stability and to upload the ACL reconstruction graft. This article details our technique for performing a modified Lemaire lateral extra-articular tenodesis using iliotibial band autograft as an adjunct to ACL reconstruction.

Full Article: Combined-ACL-Reconstruction-Lateral-Extra-Articular-Tenodesis

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