AJSM 2015

Posterior medial meniscal root tears have been reported to extrude with the meniscus becoming adhered posteromedially along the posterior capsule. While anatomic repair has been reported to restore tibiofemoral contact mechanics, it is unknown whether nonanatomic positioning of a meniscal root repair to a posteromedial location would restore the loading profile of the knee joint.

The purpose of this study was to compare the tibiofemoral contact mechanics of a nonanatomic posterior medial meniscal tear with that of the intact knee or anatomic repair. It was hypothesized that a nonanatomic root repair would not restore the tibiofemoral contact pressures and areas to that of the intact or anatomic repair state. For most testing conditions, the nonanatomic repair did not restore the contact area or mean contact pressures to that of the intact knee or anatomic repair. However, the anatomic repair produced near-intact contact area and resulted in relatively minimal increases in mean and peak contact pressures compared with the intact knee.

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