We ask all patients follow the below steps to better prepare for surgery and avoid the risk of postponing or cancelling surgery.

Prior to Surgery

  • 2 days prior to surgery, you will need to be testing for COVID19. Testing is available at seven TCO locations (see below) and by appointment only.
    • If you test positive for COVID19, you will be contacted by someone in the infection prevention department
    • If you test negative for COVID19, you will not be contacted and your surgery will proceed accordingly
  • Test Requirements
    • Oral Rinse – Swish, gargle (30 seconds) then spit 5 mL of sterile normal saline (salt water) into test tub.
    • Nasal Swab – A sterile nasal swab will be inserted 1.5 inches into the nostril to collect mucus sample
  • 60 Minutes Prior to the test – do not eat, drink, smoke, chew gum/mints, and avoid tobacco use
  • Patients must bring photo identification to testing site
  • If at any time you experience flu-like symptoms, please notify Dr. LaPrade’s team

Day of Surgery

  • You will also be screened the day of surgery for COVID19 symptoms. If symptoms are discovered, surgery will be postponed and you will be asked to return home and self-quarantine appropriately
  • Visitors are not allowed before, during, or after surgery