Game Ready Vasopneumatic Ice Machine

As part of our comprehensive treatment for patients who have knee surgery, we have integrated the use of the Game Ready device*. Game Ready is a vasopneumatic ice machine designed and used by athletes post-injury and postoperatively. Our unique and extensive treatment plan starts the day of surgery with Game Ready use the day of surgery. We combine the use of the Game Ready with our customized physical therapy program to guide each patient to recovery.

Game Ready use is especially important for decreasing swelling in the knee because swelling in the knee is known to be a major cause of postoperative pain. We find that our patients who adhere to the use of a Game Ready icing program recover faster, wean off of the narcotic medications sooner, and have improved return of their quadriceps muscle strength and knee motion.

Over the years, we have found that the Game Ready device is the best means to deliver a cold and compression program to best restore our patients function. Whether your surgery is a “simple scope” or very complex surgery, we find that our patients recover faster and have less pain when they use the Game Ready device. Integration of a cryotherapy program with a postoperative rehabilitation program has resulted in many patient testimonials as to their ability to return back to activities sooner.

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Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not consider a Game Ready device medically necessary, but rather a convenience item. Due to this fact, we partner with Game Ready directly to offer the lowest rental fees and options. The Game Ready team works closely with Team LaPrade to ensure each patient is delivered a machine prior to surgery or the day of surgery for convenience.

Though this is an out-of-pocket cost, we feel Game Ready benefits each patient, our patients are highly satisfied with its use and recover faster.

Game Ready is the reason I was able to recover from surgery without narcotic medication. I appreciated the good customer service. Kudos for such a great product! ~ Linda W.

*Please Note: Dr. Laprade does not receive any reimbursement, royalties or promotional funds from Game Ready or their affiliates. He encourages the use of Game Ready solely for the purpose of helping his patients recover more quickly and with less pain.