After suffering a knee dislocation last season, professional snowmobiling athlete Andrew Carlson is gearing up for the AMSOIL National Snocross Tour kick-off in Duluth, Minnesota. Coming off a success of wins during the previous ISOC season, Carlson’s injury came at a less than ideal time in his career. While racing at the Clash of Nations in Sweden last year, Carlson was in the lead on his last heat when disaster hit. As he was doubling through an icy whoop section, Carlson over jumped one of the doubles and dislocated his left knee.

Carlson tore seven structures, damaged the capsule, and the femur and tibia were completely dislocated, amplifying the complexity of the injury. Once Carlson was aware the severity of the injury he knew the doctor to treat his injury – Colorado knee specialist Dr. Robert LaPrade. After previously being treated by Dr. LaPrade for a knee injury, Carlson knew the quality of treatment he would receive.

After surgical reconstruction by Dr. LaPrade, Carlson had a long road ahead of him before he would be back racing. Carlson knew the best way to manage the recovery process was to focus on the short- term, starting with decreasing the swelling, regaining range of motion, and then focusing on strength and stability. Once the physical therapy process began, Carlson dedicated himself to a five-day-a-week regimen with the ultimate goal of being on the podium in Duluth, Minnesota.

Carlson has surprised both his physical therapist and trainer. He has regained his strength at a very rapid pace. He has been working his way back onto the snowmobile, each day getting more comfortable and confident. With patience and dedication, Andrew Carlson will once again stand on the podium, victorious.

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Photo credit: Gary Walton

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