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The CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recently made new recommendations regarding the prescription of Narcotic Pain Medication.  These new recommendations place a quantity and duration limit to the amount of Narcotic Pain Medication that may be provided to patients.  As a result of the CDC’s recommendations, insurance companies may only authorize a particular quantity of pain medication to be provided to a patient at one time.  Here at The Steadman Clinic we place patient safety as our highest priority when prescribing medication, however, there may be situations in which we feel that prescribing pain medication beyond the CDC recommendations may be appropriate.   As a result, there may be additional out of pocket expense that you will be responsible for to obtain the pain medication that we prescribe.

At The Steadman Clinic we see a unique demographic of patients, as many of our patients travel great distances to obtain care by our Physicians and Medical Professionals.  This can affect the ability of our patients to obtain follow up clinical visits and obtain refills of medication.  Additionally, our Surgeons have vast experience in how to properly address post-operative pain.  Depending on the surgery that is performed, you may require additional pain medication that is beyond the CDC recommendations.  We prescribe pain medication so that you may remain functional in daily activities, in particular, for you to be able to perform Physiotherapy.

The following pages are a Controlled Substance Agreement of which outlines how Controlled Substances, including Narcotic Pain Medication, are to be prescribed by our office and how to obtain refills.  Controlled substances will only be prescribed within the confines of this agreement.  If you have any questions or any concerns regarding the prescription and use of controlled substance please contact our office and we will be happy to address any concerns.


Robert F. LaPrade, MD, PhD
Complex Knee & Sports Medicine Surgeon

Chief Medical Officer
Co-Director of the Sports Medicine Fellowship Program
Director of the International Research Scholar Program

NOTICE: Effective June 1, 2019, Dr. LaPrade will be practicing at Twin Cities Orthopedics in both the Edina and Eagan Minnesota Clinics and Surgery Centers

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