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Dr. LaPrade is affiliated with two different surgical facilities which are both located at 181 West Meadow Drive in Vail. Surgery schedule times and locations are based upon insurance contracts, medical history, procedure and availability. Please notify a LaPrade team member if you have any specific needs.

We recommend each patient bathe, from the neck down, using Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) Soap as early as three days preoperatively. For instructions or more information on CHG, read Pre-operative Bathing Instructions

During your scheduled preoperative visit you will see Dr. LaPrade and his PA or an Orthopaedic Fellow and complete surgery facility paperwork. At this time you will also have the opportunity to speak with our insurance specialists ask any questions about professional fees. After paperwork has been completed in The Steadman Clinic office, you will be directed to other areas of the hospital to complete blood work, meet with pre-surgical planning nurse and fill prescriptions. If you have any significant medical history you will be required to obtain medical clearance from your primary care physician (PCP) prior to your pre-operative visit with Dr. LaPrade.

One of Dr. LaPrade’s assistants will answer all questions about surgery and post-operative care at the pre-operative visit, review all of your paperwork, prescriptions and direct you to the surgery facility to register for your procedure.

Eating/Drinking Prior to Surgery:
We recommend nothing to eat or drink after midnight the evening prior to surgery. It is recommended to drink a lot of water the evening prior to surgery and to help prevent altitude sickness or dehydration.

Responsible Party:
The surgery facilities require you have a person (family or friend) with you for discharge after surgery.

Based on your procedure you will be notified after your procedure when you may drive. Please make sure you have transportation to and from physical therapy.

Please bring athletic shorts to your office and physical therapy visits.

Please bring any equipment to your visit for approval. If your equipment is not recommended, we will direct you to a company who can provide the best equipment for your diagnosis and treatment.

Physical Therapy:
It is best to remain in Vail for as long as possible after surgery. We recommend remaining in Vail 5-7 days after surgery. We recommend waiting 14 days to fly, to prevent blood clots. If you plan to fly within 14 days, we can provide you with medication so you may fly safely. By remaining in Vail you will receive internationally recognized physical therapy at Howard Head Sports Medicine (HHSM) where we have an experienced team of therapists to help you obtain optimal results. HHSM is open 7 days a week and we recommend patients be seen twice daily. Each procedure performed is unique. Dr. LaPrade will notify each patient of their expected physical therapy protocol and frequency and duration of treatment at your first post-operative visit.

Important Contacts:

Vail Health

Vail Health Surgery Center

Vail Valley Anesthesia

The Steadman Clinic
181 West Meadow Drive
Vail, Colorado 81657
T 970.476.1100
F 970.479.5813


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