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Comparison of glenohumeral motion using different rotation sequences

JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS 2011 Glenohumeral motion presents challenges for its accurate description across all available ranges of motion using conventional Euler/Cardan angle sequences without singularity. A comparison of the description of glenohumeral motion was made using the ISB recommended YX´Y" [...]

Shoulder kinematics during the wall push-up plus exercise

JOURNAL OF SHOULDER AND ELBOW SURGERY 2010 The push-up plus exercise is a common therapeutic exercise for improving shoulder function and treating shoulder pathology. To date, the kinematics of the push-up plus exercise have not been studied. Our hypothesis was that the [...]

Comparison of Scapular Local Coordinate Systems

CLINICAL BIOMECHANICS 2010 Background: Our purposes were to compare between the original and current recommended standard methods of three-dimensional scapular rotation descriptions and to examine the prevalence of gimballock for scapular motion during scapular plane abduction. Additionally we compared these standards to an [...]

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