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Current Concepts Review: Meniscal Repair

The meniscus was once considered a functionless remnant of muscle that should be removed in its entirety at any sign of abnormality. Its role in load distribution, knee stability, and arthritis prevention has since been well established. The medial and [...]

Early Osteoarthritis After Untreated Anterior Meniscal Root Tears

2017 AJSM Menisci are crescent-shaped, fibrocartilaginous wedges that play an important role in complex knee mechanics and function. The menisci are primarily responsible for distributing loads through the tibiofemoral joint, joint stabilization, and congruency. The circumferential collagen fibers in the [...]

Meniscal Ramp Lesions

2016 OJSM Meniscal ramp lesions are more frequently associated with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries than previously recognized. Some authors suggest that this entity results from disruption of the meniscotibial ligaments of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus, whereas [...]

Recent Advances in Posterior Meniscal Root Repair Techniques

JAAOS 2015 Posterior root avulsions of the medial and lateral menisci result in decreased areas of tibiofemoral contact and increased tibiofemoral contact pressures. These avulsions may lead to the development of osteoarthritis. Therefore, two surgical techniques, the transtibial pullout repair [...]

Cyclic Displacement After Meniscal Root Repair Fixation

AJSM 2015 Recent biomechanical evidence suggests that the meniscus-suture interface contributes the most displacement to the transtibial pull-out repair for meniscal root tears. Therefore, optimization of surgical technique at the meniscus-suture interface may minimize displacement and improve the strength of [...]

Meniscal Root Tears

AJSM 2014 Meniscal root tears present in many forms and can have profound consequences on the health of knee articular cartilage. While the biomechanics, natural history, and treatment of root tears have been increasingly investigated, the spectrum of meniscal root [...]

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